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Printing. Since 1978.
Printing. Since 1978.
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File Format & Layout Guidelines

For a successful print, we recommend following these upload specifications.
Format: Your file must be in PDF format, with no password protection.
Layout: Make sure that the file comes in single pages, arranged in correct reading order. Your upload must contain all pages, including four cover pages. Saddle stitch booklets must be divisible by 4 otherwise we will have to add blank pages to your document.
Blank pages: If you want the inside of the cover pages to be blank, make sure to include blank pages in your PDF file.
Use one of our templates: These will guide you in setting up your file for printing.
Colors: Booklets are printed in CMYK. Images in RGB or PANTONE colors will automatically be converted.
Resolution: 300dpi is the required resolution for booklets. Lower resolution files will affect the quality of the final print.
Bleeds: Include a bleed of 1/8” (0.125 in) on every side of every page to avoid white margins. The bleed threshold is ±0.25, anything beyond may keep the file from uploading.
Margin: Content should be placed at least 1/2” (0.5 in) from the margin. Missing the correct safety margin, your text may be too close to the edge or binding. It can also end up in the bleed, causing it to get cut off.